Quarter Grassfed Beef Package

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We'll do all the work for this Quarter Beef option - you do not have to contact the locker,  pick up from the locker, etc.

The beef is cut and packaged according to BBF standard cutting instructions.   You pay no processing fee and you do not have to pick up the beef from the locker.

Delivery - We can Home Deliver if you are in our delivery area.  Pick up also available at the farm.

Price per lb:  $8.50

Approximate Weight: 100 lbs
Beef cuts will be weighed. You pay for the weight you receive.  

Payment: Checkout creates an invoice only. Once beef cuts are weighed and total calculated, you will be emailed a link to prepay prior to pick up or delivery.

This package includes the following:

1 pkg Porterhouse, 2 per pkg

2 pkgs T-Bone, 2 per pkg

3 pkgs Ribeye, 2 per pkg

3 pkgs Sirloin, 1 per pkg

1 Flank Steak, 1 per pkg

1 Skirt Steak, 1 per pkg

1 pkg Rolled Rump, 1 per pkg

1 pkg Sirloin Tip, 1 per pkg

2 Chuck Roast, 1 per pkg

2 Arm Roast, 1 per pkg

1 Brisket, 1 per pkg

6 pkgs Stew Meat, 1 lb. pkg

2 pkgs Short Ribs

3 pkgs Soup Bones

40 lbs ground beef

3 pkgs Liver, 1 lb pkg

1 pkg. Marrow Bone

2 pkgs Knuckle Bone

2 pkgs -  5 lb beef bones


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