Half Hog Package

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You are purchasing one half of a Whole Hog raised from birth to harvest on our farm.   Our pork is raised on Certifed Organic, non-GMO feed.  The pork is cut and packaged according to BBF standard cutting instructions.  

All sausage seasonings and curing for hams are Certified Organic. 

Delivery - We can Home Deliver if you are in our delivery area.  Pick up also available at the farm.

Price per lb:  $8.15

Approximate Total Weight of Cuts Received: 73 lbs

Pork cuts will be weighed. You only pay for the weight you receive.  

Payment:  Initial order creates an invoice only. Once pork cuts are weighed and total calculated, you will be emailed a link to prepay prior to pick up or delivery.

This package includes approximately the following:

10 pkg Bone In Chops, 2 per pkg

1 pkg Pork Shoulder Roast, 1 per pkg

2 pkg Ham Steak, 2 per pkg

2 pkg Spare Ribs, 2 racks per pkg

5 pkg Breakfast Sausage, 1 lb pkg

5 pkg Italian Sausage, 1 lb pkg

5 pkg Ground Pork, 1 lb pkg

6 pkg Bratwurst, 6 links per pkg

6 pkg Italian Sausages, 6 links per pkg

8 pkg Bacon, approx 1 lb pkg

2 pkg Cured Ham Hocks, 1 per pkg


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