Front Quarter Grassfed Beef

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You are purchasing one Front Quarter of a Grassfed Grass Finished Beef.  

You can request the standard BBF cutting order or customize.  You are responsible for picking up beef from the locker and paying the processing fee to the locker at time of pickup.  The locker is located in Eureka, IL.

Hanging Weight Price per lb:  $4.85

Approximate Hanging Weight:  135 lbs

Approximate Take Home Weight:  100 lbs

Approximate Processing Charge:  $100

Approximate Total Cost:  $760 (Beef + Processing Fee)

Payment:  Checkout creates an invoice only and final price will be determined by the hanging weight.  Full payment for hanging weight is due to BBF before beef is released to customer and cutting instructions may be given to locker.

The standard BBF cutting instuctions includes approximately the following:

6 pkgs Ribeye, 2 per pkg

4 Chuck Roast, 1 per pkg

4 Arm Roast, 1 per pkg

2 Brisket, 1 per pkg

4 pkgs Short Ribs

2 pkgs Soup Bones

40 lbs ground beef

3 pkgs Liver, 1 lb pkg

1 pkg. Marrow Bone

2 pkgs Knuckle Bone

2 pkgs -  5 lb beef bones

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