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Broad Branch Farm Baked Beans

We use our crock pot to make the most delicious Baked Beans.  It is always a hit at our house.  We also served them at our 2014 Hog Cutting Event in November.          


2 cups Navy or Great Northern beans
1 Broad Branch Farm Pork Hock
2 tsp dry mustard
5 T brown sugar or maple syrup
4 T molasses
2 onions, sliced, approx. 1 cup


Place beans in crock pot and add 6 cups water.  Add dry mustard, sweetener, molasses and onions.  Turn crock pot on high and begin cooking.  Roast the hock on a rack in a 350 degree oven until hock begins to brown - 30 minutes approximately.   Add hock to crock pot and continue cooking until beans are just tender.  Look for skins on beans splitting as a sign they are ready.  Best to continue trying a bean after they are close so you don't overcook them.  Test for seasoning and sweetness.   You will need some salt and often we might add a little bit more molasses and/or sweetener.


Note: We do not presoak our beans. The crock pot does an excellent job of cooking the beans without soaking. 
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