Join a Farm Food Group

What if you could get locally produced food delivered right to you....

The BBF Farm Food Group option is for anyone too busy to shop but still wanting to eat the best locally raised food.

How Does This Work?

Individuals or groups can order - the only requirement is to meet the minimum order.

If you are pooling orders to meet the minimum, choose one person as the group leader.  When the group can meet the minimum order amount,  the group leader contacts the farm requesting a delivery.  Each group member emails his or her order directly to the farm.   Each member is responsible for picking up and paying the farm at the delivery.

BBF Role
We communicate with the group leader to decide on a delivery location and time.  We receive each individual's order and communicate with the group leader when the order minimum has been met.  We package food separately per order and deliver to the agreed location.

The Details

Order Minimum
Group order minimum is based on mileage.  There is a $10 minimum purchase per mile traveled from the farm to the delivery location (one way).  For example, a location 150 miles away from the farm would need to meet a $1,500 minimum group order total.  To figure miles, please use "Wyoming, IL" for the farm location.

The following are examples of minimum orders for a few locations:

Galesburg 40 miles $400 min
Washington 40 miles $400 min
Rockford 125 miles $1,250 min
Wheaton  150 miles $1,500 min
Chicago, Lincoln Park 160 miles $1,600 min

Delivery Location

Delivery locations can be a residence, business or parking lot if owner allows.  Church parking lots make great delivery locations as they typically are empty during the week with ample parking.  

Delivery Day

Weekday deliveries during regular business hours are preferred.  Exceptions are possible if our schedule allows.  


Payment is at time of pick up with cash, check or credit card.  Some items can be purchased online and those are indicated on our Shopping List.

No orders will be left without payment.  Orders not picked up at the delivery will be returned to the farm.

How to Get Started

1.  Check out our Shopping List of awesome food and start assembling your order.

2.  Group leader contacts the farm when your group is ready to order.   

3.  Members of your group email the farm their orders making sure to include the Item Name and # of lbs. or pieces.  We confirm each order noting any inventory changes.

4.  Group leader coordinates delivery location and time.

5.  Food is delivered by Broad Branch Farm.