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We market our food primarily through our CSA. We do not offer a farm stand nor do we attend any farmer’s markets. We offer approximately 180 vegetable shares, 40 meat shares, and 80 egg shares. We are currently accepting subscriptions for 2013. Use the links on the left to read and educate yourself about the variety of shares we offer. It is important to read the share details before you make your purchase so you understand completely how our CSA operates.

What Is A Community Supported Agriculture Program (CSA)?

Community Supported Agriculture is a local community supporting local agriculture. A local farm offers prepaid subscriptions or shares for food produced on the farm. For us, that means chemical free vegetables, organic meat and eggs. From our farm, you can purchase a share of vegetables, meat, and/or eggs. The community wins because you receive high quality food grown closer to home. The food is fresh and ripe and not transported long distances to reach your table. This means higher quality food for you and less fuel spent getting it to you. The farm wins because prepaid subscriptions help reduce the risk of farming. The farm AND the share holder ride out the season together instead of the farmer carrying all the risk. In ideal growing years, your vegetable box will be fuller but when the weather doesn’t cooperate, crops can be damaged and your box may not receive as much of that particular food. No money is refunded in leaner years and no additional money is paid by the shareholder when more food than expected is distributed. This agreement to share in the risk and harvest together is the foundation of a CSA program. Egg and meat shares usually do not fluctuate like vegetable shares and are more predictable.

What are the Advantages of Purchasing a Subscription for Vegetables, Eggs and Meat?

The most important advantage is the quality of food you receive. You cannot get higher quality, fresher food unless you are growing or raising it yourself. The vegetables that go in the boxes are picked the day before or day of the pickup or delivery. Meat and eggs are of exceptional quality in both flavor and nutrition. We follow strict organic growing practices that surpass USDA standards. In our own household, we prepare 95% of our meals buying very little prepared food. We know what it means to have fresh, high quality ingredients and the difference it makes in nutrition and flavor. Your vegetable boxes are filled with tomatoes that have ripened on the vine and potatoes that have just been dug. Eggs are fresh, the yolks bright orange with natural beta-carotenes (from grazing) and all animals are on pasture. Each week the vegetable share will include a newsletter telling you the activities and happenings on the farm. It will also include a list of what is in the vegetable box, preparation ideas and delicious recipes using ingredients from your box that week.

Another advantage of purchasing a weekly box is your investment in a locally owned organic farm who is not contributing harmful chemicals to the environment. Our goal is to use growing practices that are in harmony with the soil, wildlife, water, and air. Your investment in our farm allows us to continue producing high quality food that bears no burden on our environment. It keeps the earth clean and your food local - just where it belongs!

See What Our Customers Are Saying

These comments are a direct result of our customers eating very fresh, very flavorful, nutritious chemical free food – REAL FOOD! What a difference from those flat tasting limp store bought vegetables, pale eggs, and watered down meat. There’s absolutely no comparison and our customers tell us we “spoil” them.

“Just wanted to let you know how much we loved our first veggie box!  The greens were amazing and you were right about the turnips - my daughter ate them like they were candy!  Looking forward to the next box.”

“Just to let you know I had the most awesome salad with your vegetables I've ever had.  It was amazing.  I've never had a salad with so much flavor.  I love it.”

“I wanted to let you know that I love the CSA boxes.  The chickens are THE BEST. The CSA box today, absolutely ROCKED.   I was sampling before ever putting into the refrig.  Radishes, yellow tomatoes, and peppers were tried first.  Your peppers have been the most tasty peppers I have ever eaten.”

“Since I received my first dozen eggs, my daughter no longer allows me to purchase store bought eggs. The yolks are so yellow and taste is far better than even the organic ones in the store.”

“My wife and I tried one of your organic chickens for dinner today and we thought it was fantastic tasting, as well as moist and tender! Can we get the chickens from you all year long?”

“We just wanted to tell you that the baby cauliflower from yesterday's market was the best cauliflower we'd ever eaten! (And between us we have over 100 years of cauliflower-eating experience, so you can trust our judgement). We still have 2 heads left, but I wish there were more....Thanks for all your fine labor and for bringing Earth's bounty to us.”

“I can’t live without your eggs!”

“The day after we picked up our boxes, we had the most simple but the best lunch there is. Homemade bread with fresh sun ripened tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, a pinch of salt and a drizzle of olive oil. Just amazing, all sun and flavour, I (could) eat it everyday, a little of Italy in the Midwest.”

“My husband and I were gifted with our weekly boxes this summer by our daughter. I can't tell you how much we've enjoyed the experience. It has changed our lives...we have eaten vegetables and greens that we've never eaten before and find that it's inspired us to make other healthy choices in our diet and lifestyle. Thank you!”

“The zucchini you guys bring is some of the best we've ever had EVER and so now it's our new addiction. Have you seen the sad ones in the store? Poor things.”

“We want to thank you and Brian for providing such a wonderful service with the weekly veggie box. This is our first year and we have been more than pleased. We've been able to try several new veggies as well as several new recipes. We look forward to every new box and appreciate all your hard work at the farm!”

“Wow! That was the best spinach I’ve ever had – that Wyoming soil!!! It lasted through yesterday and tasted as fresh as 9 days ago.”

“Just a quick note to say how much I'm LOVING my weekly boxes. It’s so much fun seeing what will come each week, and it is all so incredibly delicious. I can't recall when, if ever, I've eaten a turnip cooked, much less raw, but I followed your advice and I'm eating them raw like apples. Fantastic!!! And what amazing parsley -- I put it in an omelette and it was fabulous. I can't wait till next week's box!!”

“I just wanted to tell you how wonderful Wednesdays are. You have probably heard this a thousand times - - but your vegetables are awesome. I am always in a good mood on Wednesday, cause I know my vegetables are coming.”

“It's 10 degrees on a dark winter evening, but I'm fixing fresh, dark-green locally-grown organic broccoli for dinner! Thank you. We're glad there are people in the world like you.”

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