Join our 2016 CSA!

Join our family in eating locally and seasonally with chemical free vegetables, pastured eggs and meat produced from our farm.  

Our CSA Season begin in June and we have shares available for our Vegetables, Pastured Eggs and Pastured Pork, Chicken and Grassfed Beef.  

Make 2016 the year you decide to eat the best tasting most nutritious food - for the health of your family and your community.

2016 Winter and Spring Markets

From now until our CSA begins in June, you will find us occasionally in Peoria and Naperville selling our food.  Join our email list to be notified where and when we'll be selling.  Or, watch our Facebook and website for market information.


TENTATIVE Peoria Market
Saturday, February 20

ONLY if weather allows.  Updates will be posted here once we confirm market will take place.

Here is the most recent Shopping List from our last Naperville Market on Feb. 7.  Similar items will be available in Peoria. 


The Quality of Your Food Matters

We grow our own chemical free vegetables, pastured eggs and meat because we've made the quality of our food a priority and not an afterthought.  We love the beauty, the incredible flavors, the nutrition and just the pure satisfaction that our food was raised without poison and with great respect for our environment.  We never grow bored or tired of eating the most amazing food.

Don’t compromise the quality of the food you eat. How your food is raised, harvested and time from harvest to your table matters.  

Food Produced Without Short Cuts

Our farm is committed to producing the best food you can feed your family. No chemicals, no GMO’s, no short cuts.  This is the food we feed our own family. We demand food raised with integrity, that tastes good and provides high quality calories.  Read about our growing practices here.

Start Eating Real Food

It is never too late to start eating real food.  From expectant mothers trying to eat clean, families with young children or those looking for food that tastes the way they remember growing up, real food grown without chemicals or shortcuts is for everyone young and old.

Food raised on our farm tastes fantastic, keeps us healthy and is a pleasure to consume.    Our customers love the freshness of the vegetables, the incredible pastured eggs and meat that actually has flavor.  

Photo of the Day 

We diced our farm grown carrots, celery and onions and combined them with organic mushrooms and walnuts.  

These were sauteed and added to organic lentils to make awesome veggie burgers.