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Make 2016 the year you decide to eat the best tasting most nutritious food - for the health of your family and your community.

CSA Shares - We offer CSA shares for VegetablesEggs and Meat.  ALL CSA shares are still available.   You can sign up anytime from now through November.  Sign Up available online or by mail.  

Single Vegetable CSA Box - When we have extra veggies, single boxes are available with each delivery.  Currently available for June 29th in Naperville and July 6 in the local delivery area.  Click here to purchase.

Farm Food Group - NEW!   We have launched our Farm Food Group buying option.  Great for businesses trying to offer healthy eating options for their employees.  Meet the minimum order and we deliver to you.

Market Days - We sell once per month in Peoria and Naperville, usually on a Saturday morning.  Markets are announced on our website and Facebook.  We provide a Shopping List with items and prices.  

What's In A Name?

Natural? Sustainable? Organic? Local?

At Broad Branch Farm, we take raising food very seriously.  Clean food, real food - no pesticides, no GMO's, no cheap inputs, no cutting corners.  Our bodies were not meant to ingest pesticides, GMO's or any of the fake, impostor products corporations try to call 'food'.  

It's simple.  Eat low on the food chain - Fruits, Vegetables, Protein and Whole Grains.

AND, make sure every food you eat is raised with the best growing practices.  

We are committed to raising our Vegetables, Grassfed Beef, Pastured Chicken, Pastured Eggs and Pastured Pork following the cleanest growing practices that actually improve our land, provides the most natural environment for our livestock (pastured) and produces food that not only tastes fantastic but is good for us and our environment.

Certified Organic Feed - We only use Certified Organic Feed for our chickens and pigs.  This assures you there are NO pesticides used on what our animals eat.  No GMO's and no cheap inputs or industrial by-products in the feed.  It's real and it's Certified Organic.  

Certified Organic Hay and Forage - Our Grassfed Grass Finished Beef are pastured on Certified Organic pasture.  In 2016, our laying hens, meat chickens and pastured pigs will also graze Certified Organic pasture.  All livestock are fed Certified Organic Hay.

Vegetables without Pesticides - We use our own compost, National Organic Program approved inputs such as naturally mined minerals for fertilizer, Certified Organic Hay and Straw for mulching, NEVER any chemicals.

Our Next Market Date Is....

Naperville Tennis Club, 1011 East Benton
Saturday, July 2
This market is CONFIRMED and will take place this Saturday at the Naperville Tennis Club.

St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 3601 N. North Street, Peoria

If you cannot make it to one of our Spring Markets, please contact us to buy our food directly. 


The Quality of Your Food Matters

We grow our own chemical free vegetables, pastured eggs and meat because we've made the quality of our food a priority and not an afterthought.  We love the beauty, the incredible flavors, the nutrition and just the pure satisfaction that our food was raised without poison and with great respect for our environment.  

We never grow bored or tired of eating the most amazing food.  Our children have been raised on real food.  Each one can tell an impostor vegetable by mere glance.  Success is watching your kids get SO excited about good food.    

Raise your kids on real food and you're building a foundation for a lifetime.

Don’t compromise the quality of the food you eat. How your food is raised, harvested and time from harvest to your table matters.  

Food Produced Without Short Cuts

Our farm is committed to producing the best food you can feed your family. No chemicals, no GMO’s, no short cuts.  This is the food we feed our own family. We demand food raised with integrity, that tastes good and provides high quality calories.  Our customers love the freshness of the vegetables, the incredible pastured eggs and meat that actually has flavor.  Read about our growing practices here.

Start Eating Real Food

Our customers come from all walks of life but they have one common goal:

They want incredible flavors, freshness and nutrition.  They want food that excites their kids and inspires husbands to eat more vegetables.  They want protein produced without cruelty where animals are outside, in fresh air, on pasture and allowed to live a stress free life.

Customers say, "Grow me delicious food without hurting anything or anybody, that tastes good and nourishes my family, supports my community and my farmer."

We wholeheartedly agree.  


 Favorite Photo 

Not only does our Bella guard the chickens but apparently she doesn't mind befriending a few. 

You can see this Freedom Ranger meat chicken but on the other side, we also found two more curled up on her very fluffy tail.

Bella is an Anatolian Shepherd - a breed whose natural instinct is to guard livestock.

Her presence especially deters the flying predators - owls, hawks, etc.  Electric netting surrounds the chickens to deter ground predators.

Predators are a real issue when you raise chickens in the great outdoors.   Everything wants a chicken dinner....