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Start Eating Real Food - 2015 CSA Share Sign Up

The highest level, most ecologically sound growing practices produce the best tasting most nutritious food. Don’t compromise with the quality of the food you eat. How your food is raised, harvested and time from harvest to your table matters. Our farm is committed to producing the best food you can feed your family. No chemicals, no GMO’s, no short cuts.

Make the quality of your food a priority this year. The 2015 CSA Share sign up is underway. Our farm can provide you with the following food:

Vegetable CSA Share

Amazing flavors, absolutely fresh. No chemicals. Your children will love our vegetables.

Flexible delivery schedule: Every week, every 2 weeks, or Custom where you choose delivery dates.

Vegetable CSA Shares

Egg CSA Share

The best eggs you can feed your family. Our hens are pastured AND receive certified organic feed. It’s the pasture that makes the eggs so incredible.

Flexible delivery schedule: Every week, every 2 weeks, or Custom where you choose delivery dates.

Egg CSA Shares

Meat CSA Share

Our beef is strictly grass fed, grass finished. Pigs and chickens are always pastured and fed certified organic feed. This is the highest quality beef, chicken and pork you can feed your family.

Prorated meat shares still available for the remainder of the main season

Meat CSA Shares

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Welcome to Broad Branch Farm

Broad Branch Farm is a chemical free farm located in north central Illinois. Since 1998, our family has been committed to producing clean, delicious local food for our community. Our growing practices surpass USDA organic standards for everything we produce – vegetables, chickens, eggs, beef, and pork. Not only is our food produced with the most environmentally sound growing practices, it also tastes really good. Every year, customers are amazed at how good real food can taste. It’s the soil, the way we care for it, the nutrients and the focus on building soil life that produces food like you’ve never tasted. Food with local farm energy! We firmly believe in the power of local organic food to nourish us, keep us healthy and protect our environment.

Our farm’s seasonal vegetables, pastured meat and eggs are marketed June - November through our CSA program. That’s 6 months of eating local food! Your family can purchase a share of vegetables, meat and/or eggs and we offer a very flexible delivery schedule. Read more about our CSA program or go to our Sign Up page to reserve your CSA shares.

You can also find our food at winter/spring markets from December – May. Add your email to our list to receive updates of when and where we’ll be offering our farm’s food after our CSA commitment is fulfilled.

The farmers at Broad Branch Farm - Brian, Anita, Lucy, Susannah and Laura

"We are created by the Earth, by the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat. And, the energy in our bodies, it comes from the sun. We are the environment, whatever we do to the environment, we do directly to ourselves." - David Suzuki